Some Thoughts on the History of Jewellery

The History of Jewellery
From the early centuries until the contemporary ones, jewellery had always had an important role in the human culture. Jewels can be made of any kind of material, like the stones from 100,000 years ago, the animal skin, feathers or any metal that is available to anyone who knows a bit about producing jewellery and who has the necessary resources to do it.
The ancient history of jewellery takes place in Egypt, Mesopotamia or India where there was created the foundation of any desired and possible jewellery design. In Egypt, this art of producing jewellery influenced the entire history of the fashion, as they created the most unbelievable designs from plants, skin and metals, with jewellery becoming more and more popular since those times.
India has made the jewellery become a part of their religion as well as a part of their everyday life, creating designs that were meant to be worn on the head, lots of bracelets on their hands and also rings and necklaces with outstanding designs. This is the reason they developed the art of producing and making jewellery much earlier than any other country. As a result, India became the most popular trading country in Europe at that time and also a driving force in the process of the European civilization’s expansion. India has influenced China to do the same thing, to invest in producing jewellery, their designs being inspired by the Indian ones.
Jewellery has been a constant presence ever since the human history has begun, influencing the fashion business and also the culture of any country that has been producing it.
Jewellery has a history that presents a story “to be worn”. This incredible method to shape any material into beautiful and precious designs that have been worn and contemplated by women ever since they were kids, has influenced the history of many fields, like art, culture, fashion and beauty. The most important aspect of the history of jewellery is the capability of being persistent and the resistance and popularity that this trend has had, from the early times of human nature to this day.
The art of producing jewellery has a 7000 years history, which leads to the various cultural developments that the field had influenced the eye of the society all around the world. In today’s time, jewellery has become a highly important craft for all the companies in the fashion business, being worn by women since the first years of human kind.
All in all, the history of jewellery dates back to thousands of years ago, and it had had many outcomes in cultural aspects and also in the history of fashion. This amazing craft has been developed and improved with time; today being an elementary aspect of any woman’s wardrobe and the base of any outfit. Over the time, men started to wear jewellery as well, in forms of watches or subtle necklaces, showing that jewellery has hit them hard too, being so popular that no one can resist jewellery’s charm.

5 Mistakes When Choosing Bridal Jewellery

He finally popped the question and you are the happiest girl in the world. Now you can plan your wedding day – your day to feel like a princess!
There are quite a number of decisions to be made, for instance setting the wedding date, wedding location, who to invite, what kind of food to serve, which music to play and of course finding the most beautiful wedding dress for you. Some parts are more fun, some parts are a bit more tedious. But after all, this will be your day and you want to make it as perfect as possible.

One of the  rather underestimated parts to plan is the selection of your bridal jewellery. You will likely spend or have spent already hours in order to find the wedding dress of your dreams. Rightly so! But don’t forget to take your time to find your perfect bridal jewellery. Below is a list of some mistakes that brides tend to make when choosing their jewellery.5 Mistakes When Choosing Bridal Jewellery:Buying the bridal jewellery before the wedding dress: The bridal jewellery’s role is to support your overall glamorous bridal style which is mostly determined by the choice of your wedding dress. Therefore never buy your bridal jewellery or any other bridal accessories before you have chosen your wedding dress.Mixing silver and gold: A simple no. Whilst it may be trendy to mix it for certain occasions, a wedding is not one of those. Keep it timeless and classic – don’t mix gold and silver jewellery.Choosing ‘trendy’ rather than classic jewellery: Looking back at your wedding photos after decades, you don’t want to regret your bridal style choices. What may look super fashion and trendy today may look outdated in future.  Go for timeless and versatile jewellery and you are on the safe side.’Overdoing’ it: No matter how beautiful your bridal jewellery is, it should never draw the attention away from your wedding dress. The centre of attention will be, apart from yourself, of course, the wedding dress, not the wedding jewellery. The bridal jewellery should play a supporting role, underlining the theme and style of your wedding dress. Sometimes less is more.Not thinking beyond your wedding day: Yes, you are likely not wearing your wedding dress again but what about your bridal jewellery? Choosing timeless jewellery means that you are able to wear it again and therefore will make the most of your budget. Wouldn’t it be so romantic to wear  the bridal jewellery on your anniversary days?
We hope this post may help you to find your perfect wedding jewellery. Have a look at our collection of bridal jewellery here. Song of Jewellery features unique jewellery selected from a variety of contemporary European jewellers.

6 Jewellery Blogs You Should Follow

Song of Jewellery’s 6 Jewellery Blogs Worth Following
Blogs are a great way to look for information, user opinions and reviews. However with the growing number of jewellery blogs and your limited time, sometimes it’s difficult to read every single one of them. To ease your burden, we’ve listed down 6 jewellery blogs that we think are follow-worthy:
Managed by gemologist and jewellery enthusiast Danielle Miele, Gem Gossip has been featured in various fashion sites including and People Style Watch. Some of the blog’s main focuses include antique jewellery, celebrity jewellery and jewellery trends. You will also find exclusive Q&A sessions with top designers, a dedicated space for fellow jewellery lovers to share their collections, great recommendations to jewellery stores and many more!
Established in 2008, Gem-A-Porter is run by Russian gemologist Liza Urla and recently won the title of Best Fashion Blog 2015 at the UK Blog Awards. The blog is available in three languages: Russian, English and Brazillian Portuguese. Liza brings out a global perspective as she travels to different parts of the world in search of jewel trends, visiting stores and galleries and then writing about her experiences. Gem-A-Porter also features reviews, interviews and in general Liza’s journey as a travel bug in love with jewellery.
A simple, youthful, quirky and informative blog on jewellery, spiced up with a personal touch by the blog’s very own founder, Isabella Lee. Be inspired by interviews with jewellers and boutiques from various locations; marvel at the exquisite pieces featured in the site. Rockin’ That Gem emphasises and follows Isabella’s personal journey as a jewellery blogger, and you’re more than welcome to jump on board!
On the surface, The Cut’s minimalist layout is calm and pleasing to the eye, but underneath it are many surprises left to be discovered – just like a rare jewel. Focusing on the city of London, the blog seeks to discover, unfold and feature talented craftsmanship in the jewellery world. It also showcases various independent boutiques across the globe, as well as some of the most extraordinary and uniquely-designed jewel pieces you can find. If you happen to be looking for engagement ring advice or services, this is also the blog to follow!
The name says it all. Love Gold is a compilation of all things relating to gold jewellery, contributed by various parties including the above mentioned Danielle Miele from Gem Gossip. The blog features profiles of gold jewellery collectors and designers, events, interviews and even jewellery shopping guides for various cities around the world. There is just too much to discover here, so we highly recommend you to check it out yourself!
Keep yourself up to date on the latest jewellery news with Jewels du Jour. Whether it’s an upcoming exhibition or auction, the blog has an events calendar you can browse, making sure that you never miss the chance of attending an event again. Feel free to read about jewellery books, collections, auction news, jewellery designers and many other topics. To top it off, if you happen to come across a jewellery piece that you fancy, contact Jewels du Jour and you may very well get a better purchase price for it!

10 Signs You Are Ready To Get Married

17 February, 2017

You have been living together now for a while and everything seems to be going well. You have managed to set up a functioning plan for all household duties, have a joint bank account for bills and have met the other half’s parents and family for a few times. Maybe even the wedding bug has now arrived in your circle of friends and summer means hopping from one wedding to another. 
But how do you know whether you are ready to get married? And most of all, how do you know if he is Mr. Right? Read through our list below and find out!  1. You listen to your friends’ dating stories and don’t feel like you’re missing out.
Instead you feel happy in your relationship and are glad that your single days are in the past.2. You are ready to make compromises and leave your ego behind.
Sharing your life with someone involves lots of work and compromises. It’s not only about you alone anymore but about the TWO of you. 3. The thought of getting married no longer terrifies you.
You associate positive feelings with getting married rather than claustrophobia. 4. Your friends and family are fans.
Your close friends and family are supportive and get along well with him. If they don’t  approve, take it as a red flag. Chances are that there is something wrong with him. 5. He is the first person you call when you get good news. 
You got a promotion at work or had an awesome gym session and feel super energetic and want to chat – who do you call first?6. You share the same values and life goals. 
You have spoken about your future together and share the same values and goals in life. Achieving life goals is much easier when working as a team.7. You speak in terms of ‘we’, not ‘me’.
‘We have bought a new couch for the flat’. – Are you comfortable with using the ‘WE’ or would you rather substitute it by ‘I’ when possible?  8. You have found your best friend. 
You truly feel like you have found your soulmate and want to tell the whole world about it. 9. You can’t imagine life without him.
Imagine yourself 50 years later, having breakfast and reading the news. Is he (now with grey hair!) sitting next to you? 10. You are literally hearing the wedding bells. 
Your “Wedding” Pinterest board becomes your new favourite thing and your heart almost stops very time he gets down on one knee 🙂 

Behind the Scenes at AnaKatarina Jewelry

12 June, 2017

.THE JEWELLERWhat is your name?
Ana-Katarina Vinkler-Petrovic.Where did you grow up?
I grew up in Boston, Athens, and the former Yugoslavia.What do you love about jewellery?
It is a wearable art form, which transcends fashion and becomes a woman’s armor. How many times do you forget to put on your favorite piece and feel naked without it? It is this connection that inspires me.When did you discover your love for jewellery?
I have loved jewelry since I was a child and this love comes from memories of jewelry worn by powerful female archetypes in my world. First, my mother, an abstract painter, has always had amazing taste. She preferred large modern organic form sterling pieces. A petite woman, she has always worn simple clothes adorned with bold statement pieces – stacked cuffs and multiple rings. Secondly, I was raised in an old-school Boston Brahmin neighborhood where women would stack large beautiful diamond and precious gemstone rings. These luxurious and sublime pieces were worn all day long whether working in the garden or out for the evening. Through these early memories, I have associated jewelry with a woman claiming her identity and power.How did you become a jewellery designer?
Life is a beautiful journey of serendipitous encounters. I was a young mother of two little girls, and a bit lost professionally having ended my career as a war correspondent. A newly divorced woman walked into my mother’s gallery wanting to sell her diamond engagement ring. I convinced her to let me redesign the ring into a pendant. She trusted me, and I found a craftsman in Boston to create my vision. I do not have a traditional education in jewelry design and am self-taught. I feel this has helped me create jewelry inspired by my curiosity for design and unusual materials.
JEWELLERY DESIGNDescribe your style, what is most characteristic about AnaKatarina Jewelry’s design?
I design with contradictions; classic pieces with a rock and roll twist, organic forms with architectural elements, negative and positive spatial elements, and designs inspired by antiquity modernized. I like contradiction in design and the gray spaces between the black and white extremes in humans.Which music genre describes your jewellery best?
Such an unfair question as there is not one genre! I always design to music, and my tastes run from classical and jazz to pop. I would have to say no matter the genre; the music has to make me feel sensual, beautiful, and powerful so that the final design embodies that vibe.If you could choose one song that describes best AnaKatarina Jewelry, which one would you choose?
Nina Simone’s “Feeling good.” Sensual and confident.What is your favourite item of your jewellery line?
I wear two pieces of jewelry every day. A bold rose gold dome ring, with a line of pave set diamonds in yellow gold with an etched stone texture. I love it as it resembles textured silk. I made the ring in 2008 and because of popular demand have recently added it to the Sumerian collection. The second piece is a pendant I created from a 165AD Roman coin that came to me in a most interesting way (ask me the story off-line sometime).What exciting things are coming up for your jewelry line? New lines planned?
Oooh…I have so many plans. I am still obsessed with inverted gems and adding more natural nonmetal materials into my work. Wood? Mammoth? Larger sculptural forms? Yes, to it all!
… IN THE DESIGN STUDIODescribe a typical day in your studio?
I am the mother of three girls, and my youngest is still at home. I am the master chameleon and morph between mother, artist/ entrepreneur and back to mother many times throughout the day. My day starts at 6 am with our family/puppy morning rituals. On a perfect day, I am going to the gym after I drop Angeline off at school and am in my atelier working by 10 am. I work until I pick up Angeline at 5:15 or earlier when I go to her sports games.
We live in Boston, and I travel to my workshop and showroom in NYC once a week for two days. I love the business of these days, and I even get to steal a moment or two with friends.How do you make your jewellery?
With love (and mastery) in my NYC atelier. All my pieces are created with ethically sourced and fair trade materials including recycled gold, conflict-free diamonds, and fair traded gems. In 1999, with the first commercial availability of Canadian mined diamonds, I started my transition into a sustainable designer. Today, my jewelry brand adheres to using only recycled gold, fair traded and ethically sourced gems and sustainable business practices.Where do you draw your inspiration from?
From the world! I am inspired by the staggering beauty of both the exotic and the every-day. I curate a visual lexicon in my consciousness taken from my background, travels, passions and experiences. When I design, this mental library opens to bring forth the inspirations for my jewelry.LAST BUT NOT LEAST..Ring, Earrings, Necklace, Bracelet, or Bangle?
Statement rings and lots of bangles! Mountains or beach holiday?
Both. Mountains that blend into the beach. The coast of Croatia is the perfect example of the best of both worlds.What’s your favourite city?
Why does a woman need only one favourite? It is hard to choose. I am drawn to Istanbul for the rich woven history. Paris for the winding roads and the Slovenian and Croatian coasts for sweet playtime.Do you have a favourite jewel that comes with you on all your travels?
A Lighting Ridge opal and mammoth bracelet for good luck.
The interview is part of our Behind the Scenes at Independent Jewellers series. To view more of AnaKatarina’s amazing jewellery, check out her online boutique here. 

Grand Overture – Romantic Proposal At The Opera

12 September, 2016

‘When my husband proposed to me, it was a grand overture. I’m an avid fan of the opera and LOVE going to the Metropolitan Opera House at Lincoln Center to see all the amazing shows every year. But on one particular evening where we went to see Puccini’s Tosca, we were in the parterre section, which were incredible seats but I found to be a bit pricey for a date night. Because it was a late show and because we hadn’t had dinner before, I was starving!

He then insisted on taking a few photos of me in the background but then just kept snapping away with the camera. I started to wonder why he was taking so many photos and right as I was about to tell him I was hungry, he got down on one knee and said, “By the way darling, would you care to marry me?” I was so shocked it left me speechless! Probably the most touching moment of my life, I started to sob like a little baby, leaped into his arms and said yes! ♥
My engagement ring is a Tiffany & Co. solitaire diamond ring. The diamond is literally flawless, but what holds significant meaning for me is not its monetary value or the materialistic tendencies some may carry; it is purely based on how and why he did it. I’ve always dreamed of being with a man who’d be as romantic, fun and creative as my husband is! Whenever I look down at my ring, I can’t help but think of how our love was built like a diamond. With a lot of work and care, you can achieve wonders if you want to. Of course now, every time I pass by Lincoln Center, I get butterflies in my stomach. I can’t help but think of that night and of my husband.

It’s truly amazing what love can do! We just celebrated ten years of being together and are coming up on our third year wedding anniversary. New York can move mountains, I’m tellin’ ya!’This romantic story is part of our Share Your Story guest post series and was contributed by Suzanne Spiegoski. If you fancy sharing your story with us too, just get in touch! SaveSave

8 Ways to Shop Emerging Designer Jewellery

02 June, 2017

Apart from embracing your individuality and NOT looking like everyone else read this if you need 19 more reasons on why you should be shopping emerging designer jewellery.
Now that we have agreed on the why, let’s look at the how: How do you shop emerging jewellers? No, you won’t find them next to H&M or Zara on the high street..

As with almost everything these days, you can shop emerging designer jewellery the old school way as in ‘offline’ as well as the millennials’ preferred way, ‘online’. Each of the two has its own benefits and shopping hacks.
OFFLINE  1. Art fairs and exhibitions
Many emerging jewellers use art fairs and exhibitions to increase the reach of their brands and showcase their jewellery to new customers. Just check online which fairs and exhibitions are planned in your city.2. Crafts markets
Local crafts market are a great way to spend a Saturday morning or afternoon. You probably won’t find the most haute couture and expensive designer jewellery on these crafts markets but there should be plenty of individual jewellers showcasing their unique handmade creations. Strolling around the different stalls is a fun way to discover new pieces. Why not take a friend with you and go for brunch or coffee afterwards?
3. Boutiques specialised in emerging designer jewellery
Jewellery shops that stock emerging designers might even be located on your high street or just off the main shopping street. The prices of the pieces they sell varies according to what sort of designer jewellery they showcase. Some focus on affordable handmade jewellery by local artisans and some only stock the new and upcoming jewellers specialised in haute couture pieces that you won’t find anywhere else.
4. Pop up stores
Bigger cities tend to have pop up stores in which jewellers and fashion designers have the chance to showcase and sell their pieces for a limited time. If you manage to find a great pop up shop, check in frequently. As brands will be changing regularly, a pop up store is the perfect way to get to know lots of new emerging designers and jewellers.5. The jeweller’s own boutique
If you are lucky enough to live in a city that is not entirely taken over by the big international brands, chances are that some designers have their own individual boutiques. You won’t find these independent shops on the high street though, so buy your favourite to-go-coffee and venture off to the little alleys that are off the main shopping street.
ONLINE6. Emerging designer jewellery shops
As with physical stores there are also online boutiques that specialise in independent and emerging designer jewellery – like ourselves, for example 🙂 If you are really after that super unique one-of-a-kind piece, also check out Not Just A Label. I personally love this website! You can find jewellery as well as fashion on it. Or make yourself a cup of tea and google a bit for what exactly you are after – some boutiques might specialise in certain kind of jewellery or origin of the designers.
7. Etsy
Etsy would generally fall under point 6, an online shop that sells pieces handmade by emerging designer and jewellers. BUT due its size, etsy deserved to have a separate section. The sheer number of items that you can buy at etsy is entirely overwhelming and you will come across lots of pieces that you won’t like, so be very specific in your search criteria. And then there will be lots of clicking and scrolling involved. But where else would you be able to add handmade jewellery, interior design pieces and handmade furniture in your shopping cart at the SAME time?!
8. The designer’s website
If the designer is already a bit more established he or she will likely have their own website where you can buy your favourite piece. But how to find the website?? This is where google comes in handy: just google exactly what style you want and be specific or check out local directories and trade associations which should also list jewellers that are even based close to you. And check out jewellery blogs (these are our favourite jewellery blogs – or our own one here) to get know lots of emerging jewellers around the world.

Don’t be afraid to dig a bit around and find labels that are not yet super known. It’s lots of fun 🙂 🙂

Behind the Scenes at Portuguese Jeweller Ana Pina

24 April, 2017

.THE JEWELLERWhat is your name?
Ana Pina.Where did you grow up?
Porto, Portugal.What do you love about jewellery?
I like the idea of jewellery being a wearable art form, combining principles of beauty and technique. I really love the way I’m able to design and create a jewellery piece from scratch, controlling the creative process and being able to wear a unique piece made with my own hands in the end. When did you discover your love for jewellery?
My passion for jewellery didn’t start very early in my life. I’ve always loved arts and had the secret dream of becoming a painter, but at the time of picking the course I’d follow in college my rational side spoke louder and I chose architecture. Only after working a few years as an architect I discovered the amazing world of jewellery – first as a hobby, then as a way to express my creativity designing and building something with my own hands and finally, as a new professional path.How did you become a jewellery designer?
After working in an architecture office for a few years I decided that I needed to explore my creative side more freely – I was longing the days when I could sit for hours drawing, dirtying my hands with pastels and paint, creating something of my own. I’ve always admired jewellery as a consumer and when I came across a workshop for beginners in a jewellery school in Porto I thought – why not try something new? After the workshop I decided to take the full professional course and leave the architecture office job to be able to dedicate myself full time to this wonderful new world.
JEWELLERY DESIGNDescribe your style, what is most characteristic about Ana Pina’s jewellery design?
My jewellery is very influenced by my architectural background. I love to play with geometry, either in minimalist or statement pieces. My style is essentially clean, modern, urban and feminine. Which music genre describes your jewellery best?
This is a very interesting and difficult question! I love music and listen to it all the time while I’m working. I’d say a style that I really appreciate and identify with my jewellery like indie music, something between indie rock and electronic.If you could choose one song that describes best Ana Pina’s jewellery, which one would you choose?
Intro, by The xx.What is your favourite item of your jewellery line?
My favourite is still one of my first pieces: the Articular bracelet: 
It’s almost an abstract piece that can the worn – I love its geometric architectural lines, the movement and the way if fits the wrist, in an improbable but comfortable way.
What exciting things are coming up for the Ana Pina jewellery line? New collections planned?
I recently launched a new collection, Tubular, and hope to present a new one later this year. The next adventure will be to present my work in Autor Fair in Bucharest, on May 13th and 14th. I’m sure it will be a great way to promote my work outside my country while getting to know a different city and other artists!… IN THE DESIGN STUDIO
Describe a typical day in Ana Pina’s studio?
My studio space is a 10 minute walk from my home, in Porto’s downtown. I’m usually there from 10am to 7pm and spend the days between the computer and my jewellery workbench. I love the way it’s within a walking distance from everything I need in my daily routine, sometimes I go out during the day for some errands or just to take an after lunch coffee in the nearby Carlos Alberto Square.
My atelier, Tincal lab, is also an active space in promoting contemporary jewellery: I share workbenches with colleagues, promote workshops and regular individual and collective exhibitions. 
How do you make your jewellery?
I work mainly in sterling silver and try to buy most of the materials and tools locally. The pieces are handmade by me in my own studio in Porto’s downtown. Where do you draw your inspiration from?
My main sources of inspiration are architecture and the abstraction of geometric relations and shapes.
LAST BUT NOT LEAST..Ring, Earrings, Necklace, Bracelet, or Bangle?
Ring, I never leave home without one! Mountains or beach holiday?
Beach, love the sea.What’s your favourite city?
Paris.Do you have a favourite jewel that comes with you on all your travels?
I think that a piece of jewellery that we carry all the time should be as simple and comfortable as possible – I always carry with me for a while now a simple silver square section ring I made for my left little finger.

The interview is part of our Behind the Scenes at Independent Jewellers series. To see more of Ana Pina’s jewellery, have a look at her designer profile here. The studio photos were taken by Mário Brandão.

Behind the Scenes at South African Jeweller Alchemy Loop

24 March, 2017
THE JEWELLERWhat is your name?
Tarien EngelbrechtWhere did you grow up?
I grew up in a small town, Kempton Park which is in Johannesburg, South Africa.What do you love about jewellery?
I love the fact that you can adorn your body and express your individuality through wearing jewellery.When did you discover your love for jewellery?
I have always been fascinated with jewellery. My mom gave me me an engraved silver ring with my initials on it as a child and I loved wearing it.How did you become a jewellery designer?
I struggled to find unique pieces to reflect my personality and thus started making my own.JEWELLERY DESIGNDescribe your style, what is most characteristic about your jewellery design?
I combine traditional cross-stitch craft and embroidery methods in my jewellery pieces. The pieces are all unique and sold as once off items.What is your favourite of your own jewellery?
My Frida necklace.
What exciting things are coming up for your jewellery line? New lines planned?
 I am planning on creating a more bespoke range which combines cross-stitch and sterling silver or brass.
Describe a typical day in your studio?
I am a full time art teacher. My day stars with school. I love working with children and they inspire me a lot. They also love hearing about my jewellery projects. A school day ends at 14:30. After that I come home and work on/or design new jewellery pieces.How do you make your jewellery?
I make all my jewellery pieces myself. If I have a big order my grandmother helps me with the cross-stitching. I love sourcing new materials in and around Joburg. All cross-stitch pieces are hand embroidered. The brass metal pieces are lasercut and then embroidered with cotton thread. The rope I use in the Frida necklaces are rope used for boats/yachts.Where do you draw your inspiration from?
Me and my husband love to travel and I draw inspiration from those travels. I also love the artist Frida Kahlo. I love the fact that she wasn’t afraid to express herself through wearing bold clothing and jewellery pieces. I’m also inspired by colour and I love creating bold and colourful jewellery pieces.LAST BUT NOT LEAST..Ring, Earrings, Necklace, Bracelet, or Bangle?
Ring.Mountains or beach holiday?
Mountains.What’s your favourite city?
Cape Town.Do you have a favourite jewel that comes with you on all your travels?
Yes, one of my Frida rope necklaces.

The interview is part of our Emerging Jewellers series. To see more of Alchemy Loop’s stunning pieces, check out the designer’s website here.Save

5 Ways To A Stress-Free Wedding – How to Plan A Wedding

27 September, 2016

Congratulations on finding the man of your dreams. He finally popped the question and now the wedding planning craziness can finally begin. In order for you to be able to have the wedding of your dreams, there are a few things that you can do to keep the stress to a minimum level.1. START PLANNING EARLY

It is best to start planning your wedding well in advance, ideally a year or longer before. Also consider hiring a wedding planner who helps you with finding the perfect wedding venue, designing the wedding theme and also makes sure that you will not forget to plan anything.2. HIRE A PHOTOGRAPHER

With a professional photographer you will not need to worry about looks nor style during your wedding. A good photographer always makes sure that your hair and your make are still in place before any photos are taken. On top, the photographer knows how to set everything in scene so that all the little details you have been planning for the last year will be captured beautifully in your wedding photos.3. NO PLANNING ON YOUR ACTUAL WEDDING DAY
Do not do any planning and organising on your big day. Even the day before should be spent relaxing and enjoying the time with your best friends and close relatives. Leave any last minute activities to your bridesmaids and wedding planner.4. GO TO BED EARLY BEFORE YOUR BIG DAY
Don’t feel like you have to entertain any guests on the evening before your wedding day. For guests that have travelled far prepare a little welcome basket with information about the area and restaurant suggestions. Why not book a pre-wedding SPA package with a full body massage together with a mani and pedicure?

The model wears the Hortensia Bridal Pearl Hair Comb by British designer Tiararama – available in our jewellery boutique HERE.
 And last but not least…5. ENJOY YOUR WEDDING
This is your day. You will have ONE wedding in your life so make the most of this day and enjoy every single second of it.